Lower Limber® is the ultimate stretching and mobility tool for every-body. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to get the next edge on the competition, a 9-5 office worker wanting to get out of the rut of a sedentary work day, or an octogenarian who wants to stay on the move!

Know Your Zone

Use our helpful zone identifier to find the right system for you. Lower Limber® is designed for every-body–no matter what your age or level of fitness.

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Lower Limber® is for every-body.
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You're in the Red Zone

We call this the 'Red Zone' because when you're starting out, or getting back into exercise, you need to do it with caution.

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You're in the Amber Zone

The 'Amber Zone' is for people who are more mobile but still need to take things gently.

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You're in the Green Zone

The 'Green Zone' provides more challenging stretches for people who are already active and want a series of stretched to help them stay in peak condition.

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