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Gina’s Story

Gina injured her lower back 11 years ago. See how Lower Limber® gave her back her freedom.

“Studies have shown that your flexibility is inversely related to how injury prone you are. The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to accidentally injure yourself during training. This is true of major injuries, but also of minor injuries that leave you sore for 3-4 days”

Lower Limber® is not just a physical device to get people from all walks of life moving better, it delivers a system with clearly defined starting points that make it easy for anyone to get themselves moving and progressively improve.

Get back into exercise, whether you are overweight, unfit, recovering from injury or feeling the effects of aging. Stretching and activating your legs’ muscle groups while paying attention to your spine should be the first point of call before you add in any other factors to your exercise regime. This necessary starting point will get you moving and keep you moving – it’s that simple.

Improve Flexibility

Improve Your Flexibility with The Lower Limber System

If you are looking to improve your flexibility, then you should explore the benefits of The Lower Limber System. This stretching device can help with a range of goals, including greater flexibility, injury prevention, and better sporting performance. It is an ergonomically designed, time-efficient system that facilitates all-over stretching for a healthier body and mind.

Benefits of Leg and Hip Flexibility Stretches

When you spend time stretching regularly, you do your body a valuable service. You may know that stretching before or after physical activity is important, but did you know that it’s just as necessary to stretch every day regardless of your activity level? Here are some of the benefits of stretching to increase hip flexibility and make your entire body more limber.

  • Improving posture. In many people, poor posture is caused by tight muscles, such as the chest, hips, and upper and lower back muscles. Most people spend a significant amount of time sitting at a computer or looking at a tablet or phone. The typical position associated with these activities involves rounding the shoulders and tilting the head forward. You can improve this posture by stretching your entire body, especially the hamstrings, pecs, and trapezius muscles.
  • Helping to decrease back pain. Stretching can play a role in decreasing any back pain that you may have. Back pain can go hand in hand with poor posture. If you have poor posture in the upper back, you may unknowingly use your lower back to compensate, leading to significant discomfort. Tight hip flexors or hamstrings can also cause back pain. Stretching out these muscles as well as the leg muscles can help reduce or eliminate this problem.
  • Reducing muscle soreness. If you have sore muscles or sore muscle groups from a recent strenuous workout or an accidental muscle strain, stretching can help to relieve some of the achiness. Often, when you become injured, the muscles surrounding the injured area can tighten up to help protect the injury site as it heals. By stretching these tightened muscles, you can do a lot to help alleviate the soreness and pain.
  • Helping to prevent injury. You can strain or tear a muscle by stretching it too far. However, by engaging in gentle stretches within the muscle’s range of motion, you may help decrease the likelihood of many types of injury. Some light stretching before physical activity can bring beneficial blood flow to the area, warming it up and reducing tightness. Ultimately, this can help you avoid injuries such as muscles strains and tears.

Signs You Should Invest in The Lower Limber System

If you want to increase flexibility with stretching accessories, The Lower Limber System may be for you. It’s the ultimate stretching tool for everybody type. Whether you sit in an office all day and want to prevent the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, an elite athlete seeking an edge on the competition, or an aged person wishing to stay mobile, this system can help. Here are some signs that The Lower Limber System might be for you.

  • You are experiencing low energy levels. It may seem counterintuitive, but if you are tired despite getting plenty of sleep and rest, it could be that your tight muscles are using more energy than they would if they were more relaxed. Stretching may play a role in upping your energy levels and making you feel better daily. When you increase flexibility in your lower back or perform a hip flexibility stretch, for example, you can help your muscles relax, encourage healing blood flow to the area, and feel better overall.
  • Your muscles ache. It’s common to experience muscles aching after a strenuous workout, sometimes for a day or two (or more). Stretching after such a workout may help alleviate or prevent this aching. This is especially true if your aches and pains result from poor posture or doing physical work that’s too strenuous in conditions that don’t facilitate proper form or posture. Making the time for a stretching session after a challenging workout (or hard workday) can help you achieve better posture, increase your lower back and hip flexibility, and help make injury less likely.
  • You are stressed out. Have you ever noticed your shoulders and neck tightening in response to stress? It’s a common cause of muscle tension: stressors in your life, even emotional ones, can cause physical tension, leading to uncomfortably tight muscles. Stretching your body when you are under pressure can encourage mental and physical relaxation. There’s a reason that yoga is growing so popular in the modern era! Spending some time stretching every day allows you to set aside time to focus on yourself and treat your muscles to a relaxing session that can also help calm your mind.

About Lower Limber

If you are looking for easy ways to keep active, recover from training, relieve muscle aches, or simply feel better as you carry out your daily routine, The Lower Limber System may just do the trick. Our unique stretching system can help you perform lower back flexibility stretches as well as a range of other stretches for improved posture and healthier, more relaxed muscles. Do you like the idea of having your very own affordable and portable physiotherapist? Then you’ll love The Lower Limber System. Use it for warming up before exercise, cooling off afterwards, or just keeping yourself limber and relaxed each day – it’s up to you. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us here.

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Gina's Story

Gina injured her lower back 11 years ago. See how Lower Limber® gave her back her freedom.

Letter from the Creators:

Let’s give that concept legs

by Stuart Andrews

Stuart & Bronwyn

Well-being is generally accepted as a state of being “healthy, happy or comfortable”. In a movement-based context, if you place the words “I feel” in front of each of these words then you begin to understand that “touch or being touched” is very important part of your physicality.

That is what I love about stretching as a basic daily activity. It allows you get in touch with yourself. Often it’s a great way of revealing to yourself how you are actually coping with life as opposed to your perception of coping with life, which is sometimes a basic survival mechanism to help you get through tough times.

I remember receiving a phone call to say that my mother had just passed away. I remember my legs feeling like they were giving way as I sat down in the chair behind me staring at the floor trying to comprehend what I had just been told. That was significant moment for me on so many levels but what I am about to tell you shocked me so much that I found it hard to comprehend.

A week later I tried do a basic stretching routine in a motel room and was shocked that I could barely reach below my knees let alone touch the floor. Was it arrogant of me to think that this couldn’t happen to me, given that I teach people on the hour how to stretch and activate muscle groups?

What I learned from my mother passing away is that the more stress we are under the less we are able to physically perceive what we need. Most people wake up one morning and swing their legs out of bed and say “wow, I’m getting old” when, in fact, it is their body complaining of neglect. This just heightens any sense of emotional despair that they have been battling to deal with (and let’s face it, we all go through these moments). Where we should be saying “let’s get up and get moving” we seize up and try to adapt to our physical limitations.

I designed Lower Limber® to get my father moving. He had a heart attack after my mother passed away and to touch his toes for the first time in his 84 years of life put a real smile on my face. He said “it can’t be that simple son”. And I heard the words come out of my mouth “you just have to know where to start Dad”.

Lower Limber® is not just a physical device to get people from all walks of life moving better, it delivers a concept with clearly defined starting points that make it easy for anyone to get themselves moving and progressively improve. It just comes down to will power and not accepting those seeds of self-doubt that so many unwittingly adopt.

I have personally witnessed a lot of people using the Lower Limber® system, whether they are recovering from injury, a child going through a growth spurt or an elite athlete looking for that percentage increase in their performance levels. What I enjoy most isn’t observing the physical results they achieve by using the Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System, but watching people get in touch with themselves both physically and emotionally.

The Lower Limber® Sequential Stretching and Activation System offers an alternative means for many people who aren’t interested in taking drugs to mask their physical symptoms but want to improve their wellbeing. They might also be pleasantly surprised to find out how other parts of their lives improve by simply getting themselves moving. The joy of movement is something we take for granted and watching my own children participating in their chosen sports has reminded me why so many of us love sport - we love watching people moving at their best and keeping us in touch with our own childhood memories.

If you want to get into exercise, whether you are overweight, unfit, recovering from injury or feeling the effects of aging, then stretching and activating your legs’ muscle groups while paying attention to your spine is an ideal starting point to keep you on your toes for your entire life.